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Fractional Lasers

FRACTIONAL LASERS IN BEVERLY HILLS FOR SKIN RESURFACING   Fractional laser resurfacing (aka fractional photothermolysis) works a lot like the pixels in your digital photos, treating your skin in highly

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Laser Hair Removal

The waxing, the shaving, the plucking … it never ends. Laser Hair Removal is a way to stop that cycle and remove unwanted hair permanently or near permanently. You no

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Laser Vein Removal

SCLEROTHERAPY  Veins, veins, go away… If you have unsightly spider veins on your legs, Sclerotherapy can be the best treatment. It can make your skin clear again and give you

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Photo Facial is an IPL laser treatment, which stands for “Intense Pulsed Light.” Sometimes also called photo rejuvenation or fotofacial, it’s a wonder of modern technology that can do a

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Tattoo removal

LASER TATTOO REMOVAL IN BEVERLY HILLS Those tattoos seemed like a great idea at the time, didn’t they? But if you now have “tattoo remorse,” you’re hardly alone. (It can

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ULTHERAPY SKIN TIGHTENING IN BEVERLY HILLS Ultherapy is one of the newest advances in cosmetic procedures to be approved by the FDA. Using ultrasound energy, it tightens slightly loosened or

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