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Photo Facial is an IPL laser treatment, which stands for “Intense Pulsed Light.” Sometimes also called photo rejuvenation or fotofacial, it’s a wonder of modern technology that can do a lot of great things for your skin without harming the surrounding tissue.

While it’s called Photo “facial,” the IPL can be used on other parts of the body, too. Many people use it to remove dark spots on the chest and hands, for example.

 What can Photofacial do for me?

A Photofacial treatment can:

  • Improve the texture of your skin, making it smoother.
  • Improve sun damage.
  • Lighten skin discoloration, brown spots, age spots, sun spots, liver spots, melasma, freckles, and hyperpigmentation.
  • Even out skin tone.
  • Remove spider veins and broken capillaries.
  • Improve rosacea and redness of the skin.
  • Reduce the size of large pores.
  • Improve the appearance of acne scars.
  • Increase collagen production.

The results of Photofacial aren’t always immediate. Particularly with discoloration and spider veins, you’ll experience a gradual improvement over your series of treatments.

 How many Photofacial treatments are necessary?

The number of treatments you’ll need depends on a lot of factors. Most people get 3-5 sessions held every 4-6 weeks. For spider veins, you may need more appointments. Then, you’ll need maintenance appointments a couple of times a year.

 Does Photofacial hurt?

Like most lasers, the discomfort from Photofacial is minimal. We can use a topical cream to numb the area a bit before the procedure, but most people find that the sensation isn’t bad at all.

 How long do the results of a Photofacial treatment last?

This varies from person to person. For some, the results may be permanent, but not for most. We never stop aging; photo damage is just part of life. So, spider veins and rough skin texture can eventually return, and new dark spots can develop. If you want to slow the process, always wear SPF sunscreen!

Remember that you have your teeth cleaned twice a year, so Photofacial will also have to be redone periodically.

 What is recovery like?

IPL procedures don’t require any downtime, but you may have a little bit of redness after your treatment. This is usually gone within a day, and you can cover it with makeup, if necessary. You may also experience some temporary swelling around the eyes.

If your skin is sensitive, you could have some minor crusting of the skin where it was treated. Bear in mind that freckles and dark spots may get a bit darker before they lighten, so don’t be alarmed.

You should avoid sun exposure for at least a couple of weeks before and after your IPL treatment, and use SPF sunscreen.

 Is Photofacial safe?

Laser technology is very safe because it doesn’t puncture the skin at all, so it’s about as non-invasive as you can get. One of our great RN’s will make sure you receive the best care.

Rand is trained and skilled in Photofacial, but typically has the other highly trained and experienced RN’s on RRA’s staff perform these treatments. Still, Rand can help you decide if Photofacial is right for you.

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