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Ultherapy is one of the newest advances in cosmetic procedures to be approved by the FDA. Using ultrasound energy, it tightens slightly loosened or sagging skin on the face, helping you look younger.

Also sometimes called Ulthera, the treatment can lift the skin, delaying the need to have a surgical facelift or browlift. (And who doesn’t want to avoid that for as long as possible?)

For people just beginning to experience the signs of aging, Ultherapy can be very beneficial.

 What can Ultherapy do for me?

If you have skin that has started to sag or loosen on your face, such as in the jowl or brow areas, Ultherapy can tighten it in a subtle way.

If you have more significant sagging and loosening of facial skin, a surgical facelift or browlift might be a better choice.

 How does Ultherapy work?

The ultrasound energy penetrates through the skin without harming it, stimulating your body’s natural production of new collagen. Over the 2-3 months after your treatment, the tightening effect slowly takes place. Because it’s gradual, no one is likely to notice you’ve had a cosmetic procedure.

Because the nurse can see the tissue on a screen (similar to the ultrasound they use for looking at a fetus), he or she can target the correct areas exactly at the same depth of skin that a surgical facelift would target.

An Ultherapy treatment takes a half hour to an hour.

 Does Ultherapy hurt?

Pretty does hurt sometimes, and some people do experience discomfort during Ultherapy at varying degrees. Some even say it’s a pretty big ouch, and we do everything we can to help you feel as comfortable as possible.

Most clients opt to come in early for premedications, including prescription numbing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-anxiety meds. This is a great option if you’re at all worried, but if you do, bring someone with you to drive you home afterward.

 How long do the effects of an Ultherapy treatment last?

For most people, one or two treatments are enough, but we can’t stop the aging process. The new collagen lasts for at least a year, but you’ll need to have periodic treatments to maintain the results.

 What is recovery like?

Since no incision or even injection is necessary, you can walk right out of our office immediately after Ultherapy and get on with your day. Just remember to bring a driver if you’re premedicating.

If you experience any redness, it will subside in a few hours. Slight inflammation may remain for a few days, but this is usually not noticeable to others. You might also experience some tenderness or soreness like a bruise for a short time.

 Is Ultherapy safe?

Yes, ultrasound technology has been used safely for more than 50 years. Tens of thousands of Ultherapy procedures have been conducted, and the FDA has determined that it’s a very safe cosmetic treatment.

Our practitioners have received training from the manufacturer and have experience performing it on patients. So, try this exciting advancement with confidence.


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