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What to add an oompf! to your eyelashes?

Latisse is your answer!






Latisse is a prescription eyelash enhancement treatment that can make your lashes thicker, Darker and Looooonger! RR Aesthetics believes in taking care of their patients so we are offering Latisse at Rock bottom discount!

Is Latisse easy to use?

Latisse prescription product that is so easy to use. It’s even easier then brushing your teeth! Use once a day to achieve great results. Start by washing and drying your face. Next place a drop of Latisse on the provided disposable brush and sweep across the base of your eye lashes. It’s that simple.

When will I see Results?

Use Latisse daily. You will begin to see results after 4 weeks of using Latisse. After 4 months (16 weeks) you will see the full results of Latisse. Your lashes will be longer, thicker, and darker. Continue using to maintain your long lashes. People will think they are fake it works so well

How can I get cheap Latisse?

Come on in! We have the best Latisse price in Los Angeles.
Visit our Beverly Hills office and do a complementary consultation with Carlo Honrado MD, Carrie Gessler NP or Valerie Freeman PA at our office. At this consultation, they will go over your medical history and make sure that you are an ideal candidate for Latisse. You receive your Latisse prescription after your consult and we can fill your Latisse RX here in our office. You prescription is valid for one year. Please call our office to set up your Latisse consultation appointment.

How much is Latisse?

RR Aesthetics sells the 5ml bottle of Latisse at a special price. Please call the office to see what our current price is. Along with the best Latisse price our office also participates in the Brilliant Distinctions program so you can qualify for a BIGGER Latisse discount. Ask if there are any additional Brilliant Distinctions rebates or specials available! Now that’s some cheap Latisse!

* Latisse is available by prescription only. Consult is required.