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faceLITE is an at home LED therapy that is approved for fine lines, wrinkles and reduces the appearance of bruising.

All you do is strap it on with the velcro strap an tap the on button. Feel free to walk around the house or take a moment to sit and relax. It automatically shuts off after the 10 minute session. Wear it 3x a week for best results.

This revolutionary at home treatment saves you time and cost! ** To join the waitlist for faceLITE please click the Shop faceLITE button.

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Sente’s patented Sulfated Glycosaminoglycan analog technology promotes rapid rejuvenation and has multiple anti-aging benefits. Glycosaminoglycans are fundamental to life, regulating skin aging, repairing and renew. As we age, GAG levels in our skin decrease, contributing to the visible sign of aging. Combining GAS with Sente’s HAS technology promotes skin health by improving the appearance of dull and dehydrated skin. Skincare didn’t need another cream, it needed a BREAKTHROUGH.

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Cyspera Pigment Corrector

Cyspera—a novel intensive pigment corrector. First and only topical cream containing cysteamine hydrochloride (HCl) to diminish the appearance of stubborn skin discoloration. Formulated without Retinol or Hydroquinone and is well tolerated for continues use. It 3 3 –  minimizes the recurrence of skin discoloration with continued use.

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ZO Medical

ZO Medical-WhiteA SkinCare Company Like No Other

ZO is a company guided by a single-minded goal – to provide  patients with the world’s most innovative and effective skin health solutions. Founder Dr Zein Obagi is one of the pioneers in prescription skincare. ZO Skincare uses prescription skincare products, combined with exfoliates to target pigmentation and achieve overall skin health.  Schedule a complimentary skincare consultation with one of our RN’s to see which product fits your needs.

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Allergan Online RR AestheticsThe Skin Medica clinical skin care line is based on the science of the skin’s own healing abilities to regenerate the health of the skin and counteract the effects of free radical damage to the skin. Skin Medica uses anitoxidents, growth factors, and retinods to help rekindle your skin’s youthful appearance.

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latisse-logoLatisse is a prescription treatment that will allow you to grow your own eyelashes longer, darker and fuller in as little as 8 weeks. Latisse is the first and only FDA-approved prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes in people who have inadequate or not enough eyelashes. The active ingredient is called Bimatoprost, which is a prostaglandin that prolongs the growth phase of lash follicles. Come in and have a consultation in order to get your prescription and Latisse filled right in our office.